lipprose Werner Nolte über mittelalterliche Architektur und Geschichte

Holy Graves

Around 800, the Islamic ruler Harun al-Raschid is said to have recognized Charlemagne as the official protector of the Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem.

Despite frequent turmoil among various Islamic ruling dynasties, Christian pilgrimages had been possible before, and they would also be after this period. The high nobility, among which Henry the Lion and the later King Conrad III, made pilgrimages to Jerusalem as well
Impressed by the Holy Sepulcher, some returnees built replicas of the structure.


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St. Cyriacus, Gernrode


The oldest of these works north of the Alps featuring figurative decoration are the tombs of the collegiate church of St. Cyriacus in Gernrode, built around 1090.
>>Ottonian collegiate church at Gernrode

Rotundas in particular were commonly used forms, such as in the case of the Mauritius Rotunda at Constance Cathedral, constructed in 1260, and the Holy Grave at >>Magdeburg Cathedral, built during this same period.


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Magdeburg Cathedral


Also worth mentioning is an important representation of the Holy Sepulcher as part of the Jerusalem complex in Görlitz, dating from the end of the fifteenth century.

Those who returned to other European countries built replicas of Christ’s grave as well.

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