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Incredible Eleonore

Daughter of a troubador, Duchess of Aquitaine, and Queen of France (1137-1152).
Nothing unusual during the twelfth century, just as the fact that she bore ten children, eight of which from her second marriage.
Then her participation during the Second Crusade, as a Queen! And the suspicion of adultery with an uncle.
Once returned in Europe: the annulment of the marriage, allegedly because the kinship with her husband was too close.
Two months later, the marriage of the 30-year-old woman with the 11-year-old Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou. As Henry II he would become King of England. Eleonore gave him a swath of French territory and therewith unintentionally sowed the seeds for the Hundred Years War between France and England.
During the 35-year marriage, many political and personal conflicts arose between the two, which led to a conspiracy between three of their sons against the king, that was supported by the Queen. Eleonore paid the price with fifteen years of house arrest.
 trifels 0004.modAP.resol
Castle Trifels in Germany, Richard's Prison
After Henry's death and her release, she committed herself energetically to her son, Richard Lionheart, who languished in the dungeons of Emperor Henry VI. At the age of 72, she personally delivered the required ransom.
Eight years later she died at the age of 80, five years after Richard. She now rests next to two English kings, father and son, in the Abbey of Fontevraud.
Translation: Erik Eising (MA)

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