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How high is the value of Cologne Cathedral?

I noticed that an old blog entry, titled "How much does Cologne Cathedral cost?", is again frequently read, and I suspect that the recent reports on the book value of the monument are the reason.

For those readers who do not live in the orbit of the Cologne regional press, here are some notes.

The Cathedral has a book value of 27 Euro's!!! (Twenty-seven).

How so, when experts estimate the costs of constructing the Cathedral anew at 3 billion Euro's?


IMG 7522 kl


The actual value of the Cathedral, as it stands before us as a Gesamtkunstwerk, can not be estimated and is not necessary to know. The Cathedral - what a surprise - is not for sale.

Nevertheless, there needs to be an entry in the books of the Archdiocese, as a memorandum, so to speak. As if it would be possible to forget that there is a cathedral. Yet the rules are the rules.

Why 27 Euro's? The Cathedral is built on 26 plots of land, each valued at 1 Euro - plus 1 Euro for the Cathedral itself.

I propose we don't leave the Cathedral merely in Cologne - as the song proposes - but aquire the full and wide admiration of this great achievement by Gothic builders, even if it's been entered in the books for only 1 Euro.


Translation: Erik Eising, (MA)


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