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Halls carried by a single pillar



They are not common, but often impressive.

Examples of these structures illustrate the developments in medieval architecture over a period of about 400 years.


 Cuxa modAP 2 065Crpyt Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa


Here you see a 11th-century crypt in the monastery of Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa in the Pyrenees. This mighty round space with a diameter of 9 meters originally supported a chapel dedicated to the Holy Trinity, which has not survived. The pillar is said to have a diameter of 1,8 meter - an imposing, mystical and impressive concept.


 Wells chapterhouse 5 7modAP Chapter House Wells Cathedral


And here the chapter house of Wells Cathedral, the first structure built in the pure English Gothic style. Although the construction of the cathedral already began in the 12th century, the chapter house was built 100 years later.

There are no hints of weight and heaviness. Every element is directed towards the heavens.

32 ribs rise from one single slender column in all directions, and enfold in an elegant fan vaulted ceiling.



Translation: Erik Eising (M.A.)


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