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Gothic in Paradise

It is time to talk about the beginnings of an architectural style in Germany, which 800 years ago arrived from France.
Who else than the Cistercians could have accomplished this, during the early thirteenth century? The Order was well organised and their builders and artisans consisted of capable craftsmen.
In their Abbey of Maulbrunn, today a World Heritage Site, a Burgundian master initiated around 1210/1220 the construction of the highly renowned Gate of Paradise - the entrance of the church. Scholars also attribute to him a section of the cloister.
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The name of the master builder has not been preserved. Therefore, experts have given him a name of convenience. As the "Master of Paradise", he has been eternalised in the history of art.
It cannot be ruled out that, from ca. 1230 on, he worked on the choir of the Gothic Cathedral of Magdeburg.
Translation Erik Eising (MA)

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